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Versa-lifts & Hiabs

At Bryn Thomas Industrial Services Ltd we are able to offer a number of services for machinery relocation, removal and installation. Our strong experience has seen us work on both complex and challenging projects, and our motto is that no job is too big or too small.

When lifting and transporting plant and industrial machinery, we have a fleet of specialist lifts and transportation at our disposal.

If heavy machinery needs to be moved then our experienced team will use the Versa Lift 40/60. The Versa Lift is a unique forklift, and features an extended frame which can pick and move greater capacities. Equipped with a hydraulic boom, the Versa Lift moves heavy machinery smoothly and can transport the machinery safely on solid surfaces for riggers.

Also at our disposal is a fleet of Hiabs. Hiabs are picking and carrying machines, and our team will use them when picking and carrying machinery that is located in those hard to access areas. Mounted onto lorries, the Hiabs that we use can move machinery as well as any abnormal loads.

At Bryn Thomas Industrial Services Ltd our team have a collective experience spanning over 45 years, our expertise means that we can also assist with a number of other services such as the installation of machinery and the transportation of machinery from site to site.

If you require machinery removal, relocation or installation, then make sure you choose a specialist service with Bryn Thomas Industrial Services Ltd. With a fleet of specialist lifts and transportation at our disposal such as Versa Lifts and Hiabs, we operate within Liverpool, Manchester and North Wales, as well as nationwide.

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